I can feel the righteousness surging!
Hey! Want to have a rousing discussion about Truth? Honor? Patriotism?


If you haven’t stayed up until the early hours of the morning reading with your eyes itching and burning with tiredness and your vision blurred as you fight to stay awake to finish the book, you haven’t lived at all

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marvel movies that need to be made, stat.

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Asexuality by Tiny Dinosaur :)!

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Reading this article on IPs (so INFPs, INTPs, ISTPs, and ISFPs) and relationship challenges and this came up: ‘Rather than meeting their obligations, IPs may burn time watching television, surfing the Internet, or playing video games as a means of distraction. Such behaviors serve to soothe or stave off feelings of anxiety associated with directly facing and participating in life.’

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Putting an engineering degree to good use


Putting an engineering degree to good use

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I think the best part of being a woman is the sexual security that we have. I mean like even a straight woman could know that she’s not interested in women, but she can still sit on another girl’s lap and hold her hand and maybe even kiss her if they were that close. If two guys even make eye contact with each other they have to screech “NO HOMO” at the top of their lungs to make sure everybody knows that they are not gay. 

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Adventures of Superman #21

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I take orders from one person! Me!

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